ASP.NET Menu. ExpertMenu - XML and CSS based DHTML Server-Side Menu Control for ASP.NET ASP.NET Tree. ExpertTree - XML and CSS based DHTML Server-Side Tree Control for ASP.NET

Expert Menu - ASP.NET Server Control. DHTML menu. Power and flexible menu. Comprehensive menu demo set. Expert Tree - ASP.NET Server Control. DHTML tree. Power and flexible tree. Comprehensive tree demo set.

ASP.NET Expert Menu

Professional ASP.NET
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ExpertControls Overview

  ExpertControls (ExpertMenu and ExpertTree) - powerful web controls built specially for ASP.NET - with it both novice users and experts can build advanced hierarchical UI for their ASP.NET Web applications in matter of minutes.

Easily Configurable
ExpertMenu and ExpertTree can be configured directly in the containing aspx file or through an XML configuration file. Original ExpertLooks technology allows defining a hierarchy of views that contain appearance properties for the whole control as well as for the separate elements. ExpertMenu Designer and ExpertTree Designer are the perfect tools for visual design that are integrated into Visual Studio.

Fully Programmable
Data structure can be manipulated on the server side and changed on the fly. Rich client-side API allows controlling every aspect on the client side.

Powerful presentation
Appearance can be defined through built-in objects and properties or through CSS. A rich set of built-in skins are available. Animation effects, Composite groups, Scrollable groups, Templated looks, Keyboard Navigation, Access and Keyboard Shortcuts and more...
Rendering over windowed objects (dropdowns, Java applets, ActiveX controls).

IE 5.0 - 6.0, Netscape 6 - 7, Mozilla 1.x, Opera 7, Firefox 1.0 and others are supported. Automatic client script handling both in ASP.NET 1.1 / 2.0.

Advanced features
Selected path can be highlighted, long menus can be scrolled. Context menus for pages, individual elements and individual nodes. Add-on ExpertMenuPath component for tracking position in the menu. Drag-and-drop tree nodes and menu items, edit node labels, apply ComboBox mode for trees, Populate-On-Demand sub-trees.

High Quality Examples
Here is an example of what can be done with ExpertMenu: advanced menu in the style of Microsoft Windows © XP Start menu.


Here is an example of what can be done with ExpertTree. Click to see the live tree.

ExpertControls 3.1 Released!
ExpertControls 3.1 introduces tristate check boxes in ExpertTree, supports Microsoft Atlas and contains other improvements.

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