ASP.NET Menu. ExpertMenu - Advanced Server-Side Menu Control for ASP.NET

Press Ctrl+F2 from within the main frame to activate the top menu. Press Ctrl+F3 from within the main frame to activate the left menu. Press Ctrl+F4 from within the main frame to activate the right menu.
About the demo
The example demonstrates how you can build cross-frame menus with ExpertMenu control. A cross-frame menu contains the top menu group in one frame and all sub-menus pop up in another.
To build a cross-frame menu, put ExpertMenu in the top or left frame and set its TargetFrame property to the name of the frame where sub-menus have to pop up.
TargetFrame page should belong to the same domain as the top or left page.
Optionally apply our invisible helper control MenuFrameHelper: <ec:MenuFrameHelper runat="server" />. Put it on every target frame page. In this case you will also be able to navigate ExpertMenu with keyboard from within the target frame page.
default.aspx leftframe.aspx rightframe.aspx topframe.aspx

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