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ExpertTree DesignerOverview

ExpertTree Designer is the easy-to-use, explorer-like tool for editing ExpertTree structure and view that is integrated with Visual Studio©.

ExpertTree Designer allows you to avoid boring editing ASPX and XML tags and attributes.

Right-click on the ExpertTree in design mode and select Edit Tree Data.

ExpertTree Designer will start.

ExpertTree Designer allows you to select one of the built-in skins.

  • You can choose using the selected skin as embedded. In this case the control's Skin property will contain only the name of the used skin.
  • Choose Load skin's look collection in order to load looks from the resource into the control's Looks collection. This will allow you to further tune the looks for your needs.

ExpertTree Designer allows you to quickly define the looks and structure of the tree and set properties for individual looks, nodes and the whole tree as well as define base looks for them.

You can quickly select Base looks for nodes and the whole tree, as well as Embedded images for icons and backgrounds, from drop down lists.

By default, the tree configuration is saved in the containing ASPX file. This allows achieving the best performance and keeping the tree definition in one place only. However, you can save the tree configuration in an external XML file and in the future use it for dynamic tree load.

Click Close after completion editing the tree.

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