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Drag and drop nodes onto a control / HTML element below.


About the demo
Set SelectionMode="Multiple" for a tree if you want that a user can select multiple nodes. Use Ctrl or Shift key for multiple nodes selection.
You can drop selected nodes onto a Web control / plain HTML element and process drops at the client or server side.
The control or HTML element should have DropId attribute set to some value in order to accept nodes' drops.
Set DragAndDropEnabled="true" for the tree to enable drag and drop its nodes. Set IsDraggable boolean property for an individual node to enable / disable dragging it.
Set tree's Drop property to one of the values:

  • AutoPostBack - to raise PostBack and server-side NodeMoved event when the node is dropped.
  • AutoClientNodeMove - to move the node at the client side.
  • ScriptResolved - to call a client-side event handler.
To define a client-side drop event handler use the following :

<OnClientAfter NodeDropHandler="AfterDropHandler"  />

AfterDropHandler is the name of a function that will be called after a node is dropped. This function accepts a single parameter of type DragnDrop. See client API docs for more information regarding client objects and their methods.
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