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Keyboard navigation notes: use Tab and other navigation keys to navigate the tree. Use Enter to select a node. Use F2 or Enter to switch the node into the edit mode. Use Esc to cancel the node text changes. Use Enter to apply the changes.
Set LabelEdit="true" for the tree to enable editing labels.
Set IsEditable="true" boolean property for an individual node to enable editing its label.
Set PostBackOnTextChanged="true" in order to raise PostBack when a node label changed. Process NodeTextChanged event at the server-side.
Process a node's rename event at the client side with writing client-side handlers.

<OnClientBefore NodeTextChangedHandler="BeforeTextChangedHandler" />
<OnClientAfter NodeTextChangedHandler="AfterTextChangedHandler" />

BeforeTextChangedHandler is the name of handler function that processes NodeTextChanged event before it is processed by the tree. You can disable changing text with returning false. AfterTextChangedHandler is the name of handler function that processes NodeTextChanged event after it was processed by the tree. Handling functions receive an edited node and and a proposed new or changed old text.
EditTextLook allows to customize edit box appearance.
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