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About the demo
The tree in the example shows the file hierarchy. Only the part of the hierarchy is loaded on initial page load. Other hierarchy levels are loaded when requested.
Set PopulateOnDemand="true" in order to raise callback upon a node expanding and load the node's children. Process NodePopulateOnDemand event at the server-side.
Use TreeNode and TreeNodeCollection properties and methods at the server side to supplement the node collections in the tree. Set node's PopulateOnDemand property to false to prevent further loadings on demand. If you want, however, that loading on demand occurs every time the node is expanded leave PopulateOnDemand property without changes.
Note, that Populate-On-Demand is similar to Postback-On-Expand but doesn't cause flicker of the page and preserves its scroll position.
Use PopulateOnDemandWaitMessage property to set the custom message instead of default Loading... message.
PopulateOnDemandViewStateEnabled property controls whether the tree view state is kept up-to-date between server callbacks. By default, it is enabled.
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