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About the demo
This example simulates selecting installable software components. If you select only a sub-set of child components, then parent component gets partially checked. If you select all sub-components, then parent component becomes checked. If you unselect all sub-components, then parent component becomes unchecked.
To enable tristate check state behavior, set TriCheckStatePropagation="true" in the tree. Also, you need to setup the image set for tristate check boxes:

        <BlankBox Width="13px" Height="13px" ImageResourceUrl="CheckBox.BlankBox.gif" />
        <CheckBox Width="13px" Height="13px" ImageResourceUrl="CheckBox.CheckBox.gif" />
        <SquareBox Width="13px" Height="13px" ImageResourceUrl="CheckBox.SquareBox.gif" />
        <BlankBoxHovered Width="13px" Height="13px" ImageResourceUrl="CheckBox.BlankBoxHovered.gif" />
        <CheckBoxHovered Width="13px" Height="13px" ImageResourceUrl="CheckBox.CheckBoxHovered.gif" />
        <SquareBoxHovered Width="13px" Height="13px" ImageResourceUrl="CheckBox.SquareBoxHovered.gif" />
        <BlankBoxPushed Width="13px" Height="13px" ImageResourceUrl="CheckBox.BlankBoxPushed.gif" />
        <CheckBoxPushed Width="13px" Height="13px" ImageResourceUrl="CheckBox.CheckBoxPushed.gif" />
        <SquareBoxPushed Width="13px" Height="13px" ImageResourceUrl="CheckBox.SquareBoxPushed.gif" />
        <BlankBoxDisabled Width="13px" Height="13px" ImageResourceUrl="CheckBox.BlankBoxDisabled.gif" />
        <CheckBoxDisabled Width="13px" Height="13px" ImageResourceUrl="CheckBox.CheckBoxDisabled.gif" />
        <SquareBoxDisabled Width="13px" Height="13px" ImageResourceUrl="CheckBox.SquareBoxDisabled.gif" />

Note, if you use one of built-in skins, there is no need to define TristateCheckBoxImageSet. Just inherit tree look from the skin look:

<ec:ExpertTree id="ExpertTree1" runat="server" Skin="XP">
  <TreeLook Base="XP" />

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