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About the demo
This demo creates a custom looking menu that demonstrates a number of available features.
With ExpertMenu you can define a number of Looks - objects that contain only decoration and layout properties (borders, fonts, paddings, cursors, alignment, shadows, icons etc.) - and then inherit one of those looks in an item, group or separator : <ec:MenuItem Text="Show All Files" DualIconLook-Base="Item" />. Here a menu item's private DualIconLook inherits a base "Item" look.
Looks inheritance behaves much the same as class inheritance in OOP. It allows you to define entities only in one place and avoid unnecessary duplication.
Looks also introduce Model-View separation. You build a menu hierarchy (model) separately from its view. A model object (an item, a group, or a separator) contains a reference to its private look, which can inherit another look, which, in turn, can inherit another look etc. An object's private look can also redefine a number of properties making object's appearance distinctive.

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