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11/05/2006ExpertControls 3.1
New ExpertTree 3.1 introduces tristate check boxes. ExpertControls are made compatible with Microsoft Atlas and Ajax.NET professional. Thanks to all our customers who send us comments and notes. As a result, a number of improvements and fixes have been made.

21/03/2006ExpertControls 3.0
ExpertControls 3.0 have been rewritten to fully utilize the best patterns and practices and to achieve even more power and flexibility. See full overview of currently available features in ExpertMenu and ExpertTree.

04/11/2005ExpertControls 2.5
ExpertControls suite version 2.5 comes in two install packages and includes both versions 2.5.1 for ASP.NET 1.1 / VS 2003 and 2.5.2 for ASP.NET 2.0 / VS 2005. The 2.5.2 release natively supports ASP.NET 2.0 / VS 2005 and enhances client scripts management as a result of new features available in ASP.NET 2.0.

22/06/2005ExpertControls 2.4
This version contains cumulative fixes as well as minor improvements and extensions.

16/06/2005ExpertControls 2.5 Beta for ASP.NET 2.0 / VS 2005 Beta
ExpertControls 2.5 Beta natively supports ASP.NET 2.0 and VS 2005 Beta 2. This version is a milestone on the road towards ExpertControls support of ASP 2.0 / VS 2005 (Whitbey) final release.

14/04/2005ExpertControls 2.3
ExpertTree was extended to support Multiple node selection, Drop nodes onto other control, Drag-and-Drop multiple nodes, AutoCheckChildren / AutoUnCheckChildren, Keyboard shortcut to access tree. New demos Build from DataSet, Greyed CheckBoxes were introduced. LoadOnDemandBlankUrl property was introduced to aim correct working Load-On-Demand trees with SSL protocol.
ExpertMenu now transparently supports cross-frame menus. We have also improved performance, Glide effects and enhanced skins.

16/03/2005ExpertControls 2.2
This release emphasizes ExpertMenu Designer and ExpertTree Designer. Custom menu items' templates and Custom tree nodes' templates can now be reused for different menu items (tree nodes). Controls' rendered output was optimized for size and speed. New properties were introduced to allow caching XML data that improves overall performance. New skins were also added.

16/02/2005ExpertControls 2.1
This release enhances both mainstream products ExpertMenu and ExpertTree.
ExpertMenu now supports Keyboard Navigation and has acquired integrated with Visual Studio © Menu Designer that significantly simplifies design efforts. Role-disabled items can be hidden instead of just disabling. New properties were added to aim correct working with SSL protocol. XHTML support was enhanced.
ExpertTree now supports SmartNavigation, Drag-And-Drop between trees, can preserve its state when a user surfs to another page that also contains ExpertTree (PassTreeStateOnChangeLocation property). New skins were also added.

12/01/2005ExpertControls 2.0
ASP.NET Expert Group is pleased to announce the release 2.0 of ExpertControls - powerful and flexible integrated web control suite for building dynamic menus and hierarchical trees in ASP.NET applications. ExpertControls includes proven ExpertMenu and novice ExpertTree control. ExpertControls 2.0 further extends the web control line developed by ASP.NET Expert Group in their desire to better satisfy customers around the world.

06/12/2004ExpertMenu 1.8
In version 1.8 we improved Glide effects, introduced an item Status, implemented ImageDisabled property - images for disabled items, enhanced Context menus and improved positioning of popup menus.

08/11/2004ExpertMenu 1.7
This release enhances scrolling functionality and makes ExpertMenu compatible with ASP.NET SmartNavigation.

21/10/2004ExpertMenu 1.6
ExpertMenu 1.6 introduces MenuLooks and MenuSkins. MenuLooks allow to separate menu structure from its representation. And MenuSkins allow to support visual themes in ExpertMenu.

27/09/2004ExpertMenu 1.5
Version 1.5 of ExpertMenu further improves Templated Custom Items, introduces NOSCRIPT support and enhances visual look (CSS classes for expanded items, icons and images for expanded items, cascade collapse and more). It also introduces Glide animation effects that work in all supported browsers and Auto scrolling feature.

09/09/2004ExpertMenu 1.4
ASP.NET Expert Group releases ExpertMenu 1.4. Among new features are: Templated Custom Items, Client-side API (Enable / Disable , Show / Hide items), Absolute Positioning for the menu, Expand-On-Click, Keep-Expanded and Cross-Frame menus

17/06/2004ExpertMenu 1.3
ASP.NET Expert team announces the next version of their menu control. New ExpertMenu can process Client-side events, has nice Visual Effects and supports Context menus (both page and element specific).

04/03/2004ExpertMenu 1.2
ASP.NET Expert Group releases the new version of its mainstream product - ExpertMenu. Now ExpertMenu comes with add-on server control - ExpertTreeMenu. Other improvements include Tool tips, Role-Based access, Keyboard shortcuts.

25/12/2004ExpertMenu 1.1
Version 1.1 further extends ExpertMenu functionality and reflects our commitment to better satisfy customer desires. New features contain Floating menus, Scrollable menus and Selected paths.

06/11/2003ExpertMenu 1.05 Update
ASP.NET Expert Group releases ExpertMenu update. We have improved JavaScript code, menu content generation, browsers support and extended example set.

25/09/2003ExpertMenu 1.0 Released
ASP.NET Expert Group is pleased to announce its first release of ExpertMenu - powerful and flexible web control for building dynamic menus in ASP.NET applications.

ExpertControls 3.1 Released!
ExpertControls 3.1 introduces tristate check boxes in ExpertTree, supports Microsoft Atlas and contains other improvements.

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